How to Uninstall Performax Cleaner Malware Formm Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

What is PerforMax Cleaner?

PerforMax Cleaner is a program created by OneBit IT. It is a malicious program and is classified as rogue, which flashes fake messages of the system found to be infected by the virus. Developers claimed that the main motive of this program is to increase the speed of the system by cleaning the junk files from the system, but the truth was a bit something else. As per claimed PerforMax Cleaner goes through those areas where normal disk cleaning tools are unable to search and remove information stored by the third party, software vendors. Though the developers claim that it is a good and productive program but the fact that turned out or found was a bitter to digest by a large amount of users. The software turned out to be a nightmare for the PC users so they grouped it in the category of potentially unwanted program. Some have also named or labeled as malicious program due to inconvenience and troubles encountered after installing it. It is the most hated program. It has generated various negative effects in the security industry because of its untrusted attributes. It appears to be a legitimate tool that is found of creating multiple security issues while cleaning the user's data stored in the hard disk. Developers claim that it is one of the best leading cleaning application which can search and find even those areas which are beyond the reach of other normal programs, but its existing security issues has generated huge negative aspects. Its security issues have brought it a great failure.

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How does PerforMax Cleaner affect system?

PerforMax Cleaner brings a tremendous increase in advertisements, more and more adds of various third party software starts flashing on screen which is annoying and intolerant. It also flashes an alert window with a warning that you system is under threat, you must buy the full version or install any other program to get your system secured. These messages are nothing more than a trick to fool users. It also affects the browser by redirecting the user to other sites and blocking the required site, which ultimately leads to the hacking of browser. This risks the unauthorized access to the system affecting the privacy of the user. It increases the conjunction in machine by allowing the download of third party softwares. Generally, computer users do not pay much attention to attachments or files before downloading. It also serves as a container of spam emails which misleads the users and redirects them to the illegal subjects. After getting installed and initialized it directly affects the kernel party of the system.

How does PerforMax Cleaner spread?

This Cleaner uses many ways to enter and spread over a system. It may hide itself under various ads being flashed over the screen and as one clicks over the add PerforMax Cleaner starts entering the system. It may also find its way through various programs running on the system or being downloaded on the system. Sometime during downloading some contents either songs,movies,games,etc many unwanted attachments starts getting downloaded itself, none of the users pays concern to this and takeing advantage of this lankness PerforMax Cleaner create its way to the system. Some email attachments may also contain the link of this Cleaner or infected files. Some users install this Cleaner themselves with a view to improve the proficiency of the computer. Does not matter how it enters you system, any time you find it ,it is recommended to remove it an earliest.

How to remove PerforMax Cleaner?

This Cleaner may get activated using various ways but its removal is not a very heavy or difficult process. It can be easily removed from system by the mentioned manual ways. Various Windows versions a being used today. There are separate ways for every window version.

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Manual Removal Method For PerforMax Cleaner Removal :

Windows 8 Users Need Follow These Steps :

Take the cursor to the right conner of the screen. A bar say charm bar appears.

Click on settings option appearing on the charm bar and then select control panel.

When the control panel window opens you need to select uninstall a program option.

Now from the list of programs appearing in front, you need to select PerforMax Cleaner and click uninstall.

Windows XP Users Should Follow These Steps :

Goto start menu and choose settings option.

Now click on control panel menu appearing in front.

Once the control panel window appears select add or remove program menu,now select programs and features option. From the list now choose PerforMax Cleaner and click uninstall.

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Windows 7 Users Need to Follow These Steps :

Click on the Start menu and select Control Panel.

Click on Uninstall a Program, when the control panel window is opened.

Select PerforMax Cleaner from the list of programs and click Uninstall button.

Windows Vista Users Need to Follow These Steps :

Goto Start menu and select Control Panel.

As the Control Panel window gets opened, click on Uninstall a Program.

Now find PerforMax Cleaner from the list of programs and click Uninstall button appearing on the top.

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PerforMax Cleaner Can Also be Removed by Using Automatic Removal Tools

Following steps should be followed

First, we need to download and install "Automatic Removal Tool" into the infected PC and double click to start the program.

Scanning process bar will be seen on the screen .

The list of all the infections including the PerforMax Cleaner will appear after the completion of scanning process.

Click on Remove button to remove all the found infections.

After removing all the threats, restart the computer to work smoothly.

Using automatic removal tool is much better option then getting it done manually. Automatic removal tool is very simple, user friendly and above all it is very trustworthy. Automatic removal tool is designed for the removal of threat completely and to the core. These tools also protects the PC from future attacks.

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