How To Fix Code 0x0000005D Installation Error on Windows 10

With the advancement in the technology, operating system has also evolved from older version to newer version. Microsoft has introduced latest version of Windows and that is Windows 10. Microsoft keeps introducing new technology and this time its creation is Windows 10 that has amazing features and completely different interface. The interface is very interactive and thus beautifully designed for the ease of its user.

Users are willing to update their system from their older version to new Windows 10 so as to experience new and latest features and technology developed by Microsoft. However, during update process when user start to install Windows 10 on their system, they encounter an error code 0x0000005D. If the error code 0x0000005D appears on your system while attempting to install Windows 10, there could be various reasons supporting this issue. An error can occur on your Windows when processor doesn't support the Operating System. It may appear due to the absence or disables NX (No eXecute) for ABM machines, XD (eXecute Disable) for Interl, XN (eXecute Never) for ARM for which it is a security feature and is required for Windows 10.

However, the reason for error code 0x0000005D may vary for virtual machine and the cause can be disabled Virtualization Technology. Apart from this, the reason behind the error code 0x0000005D to appear during installation of Windows 10 can be malware attacks of the following viruses., a fatal computer virus which is categorized as browser hijacker known to have bad impact on web browsers particularly. It easily enters your computer system and cause damage to the system. Browser hijacker is able to infect browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and many other. Due to the invasion of this pesky virus, browser settings are altered which then causes redirections to phishing websites. As a result, compromised computer gets more infected with harmful viruses.

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Another virus which can cause error code 0x0000005D to appear is Microsoft Error # Dw6vb36, deemed as potentially unwanted program or adware. The basic purpose of an adware program is to earn profits via paid links or ads. This virus is again a harmful malware that can damage system files and other crucial data stored on the computer. This unwanted program will enter user's system in a way that is completely secret and without user's notice. It can lead to severe damages and changes in the registry entries. It will bombard your computer screen with tons of ads or pop-ups.

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Ways To Fix Error Code 0x0000005D On Windows 10

1. Restart computer and press the key that will open up BIOS Configuration.

2. On entering BIOS settings, goto Advanced Options.

3. Choose Processor options → No Execute Memory Protection. In case, No Execute Memory Protection is not available then go to Security → Options. Then select Execute Disable and change it to Enable or On.

4. Now, save the settings and changes made.

5. Exit the BIOS settings if installing Windows 10 in new PC else move on to next step.

6. Also, Enable Virtualization Technology (VT) featured by the above similar steps. For this, goto BIOS settings > performance options > then Enable virtualization technology.

7. Here, save the changes made and exit.